University of South Wales_1st Year Final Major Project
Decision about mu concept for FMP came after last attack, which happened in Brussel. Concept is going to be based on story about little girl, who stayed alone without family and all friends,she had. In the world, where she leaves is just the rest of population, who hunt each other, because of sickness which began after all continuing terrorist attacks on each continent. She has got just herself for to survive and her mind, where she still hopes in miracle. Her Mum used to read her a book about little boy named Mr. Prince from different planet in the space, who traveled through the space, looking for something, what he already had. “What is important, is invisible to your eyes”. The girl in the book was searching him for survive her friend. Now she is seeking for Mr. Prince as well, she is seeking for at least part of the love, which is not on her planet anymore.
Full project will be made as teaser/short trailer for short film
Drama_another episode about our future _ inspirited by short film ‘Sundays’
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