We were required to create an Tv ident off air and on air version and option was up to us.
As my first work with 3D animation, I have opted Tv ident for Science Channel, because I am big fun of using live action video, together with 3D softwares. My main inspiration came from originals channels crated by collective Dvein and Imaginary Forces.
I am aware of lacks in the edges of 3D objects and not even perfect lighting.
The concept is based on gravitational waves detected by observatory LIGO in US. This gravitational waves made collision of two black holes billion light years from us. 
As Tushna Commissariat wrote on "The waves were produced from the collision of two black holes of 36 and 29 solar masses, respectively, which merged to form a spinning, 62-solar-mass black hole, some 1.3 billion light-years (410 mpc) away in an event dubbed GW150914. The detection was made on 14 September last year and was measured while the newly upgraded aLIGO detectors – one in Hanford, Washington, and the other in Livingston, Louisiana – were being calibrated before the first observational run began four days later."
for more info:
Entire collision has got more artistic approach than realistic. I approached to this project as most responsbly as I much could and did a proper reserach about designing and previsualisations for final peace.
for view of process, blog link bellow

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